We aim to have incredibly reasonable prices for the quality of work we provide. Pricing differs based on whether or not you're a business customer and the type of service required. ALL quotes are FREE!

For Business Customers:

  • If you only need periodic service or you need us for a one-time job, we ask $75/hr for on-site and $40/hr for over-the-phone support.
  • If you wish to have ongoing IT service and IT consultation services, normally we will require a monthly retainer fee in addition to a (lowered) hourly fee. For a quote specific to your business, you'll need to contact us directly and explain your situation.
  • If you need web or service hosting, please view our Service Hosting prices.

For Individuals:

  • For on-site jobs, we ask $40/hr base, but it could be up to $60/hr depending on the type of work. Contact us directly for more information and pricing specific to your needs.
  • Over-the-phone support for individuals is free for calls less than 1 hour. For calls over 1 hour, we ask $25/hr.


We will always bill you and payment is not required until you receive the bill from us. We use an online accounting service called Freshbooks to manage our invoices, and we will email these invoices to an email address you specify for online payment unless you wish for the invoices to be printed and mailed.